Reasons to use desktop monitoring software


Industrial official and confidential data is stored on computers systems and almost all possible official and confidential interactions, greetings and communication are done on an organization's computer corporate network systems, the security of the relevant information is a concerning sensitive matter and happens to be crucial for the success and reputation of an organization.

Desktop Monitoring software is integrated form automated software, launched as security concerned surveillance software and can be installed on any computer device or systems on any network for monitoring purpose. It provides a helping hand to monitor the overall conduct of users , and activities that are performed by them on a computer system.

Computer Desktop Monitoring software can be defined as a means for observing, capturing, tracking and recording the operations, various activities of users, and their conduct, various applications and network services used by them on a computer or corporate enterprise systems. It access data in search history, search records history and any downloads performed as well.

It provides an effective and productive way of tracking and reporting user services to the system and to network administrator through a specific centralised system.

It traces FTP file transfer as well. It can access and record , track the files and documents in a computer device as well. It makes the administrator vigilant when the data is accessed by centralized admin location. If it happens to notice or recognize any violation or breach by ignorance or any malicious intent which has some suspicious purpose that results in some abnormal and unacceptable system behavior, user activity or network flow.

It is and can only be accessed by a central system controlled by admin at the administrator location. Desktop System monitoring, happens to be a very feature of i-Zon which makes it truly a powerful device as it helps to trace, track, record or capture the screenshot of the displaying screen of the user device and then safely stores it in the logs .